How to use Reddit, the site that dethroned Facebook in the United States

The Alexa traffic analysis tool, which ranks the various websites, has placed Reddit in third place in the United States’ “Top Site”. Behind Google and YouTube, but in front of Mark Zuckerberg’s baby. If the success of the platform powered by Internet users is well present on the other side of the Atlantic, it is not really the same in France where it is only in 14th position.

One of the reasons: ergonomics and ease of navigation will be the same. At first glance, Reddit is not really envious and yet it is a real mine of information of all kinds (really of all kinds). Some information or topics are found there several days before they appear in the media or on social networks. If you don’t know and want to stay up to date, some tips to use this forum properly are required.

For whom? For whom?
Absolutely everyone. It is possible to navigate on the platform, even if you are not registered. On the other hand, some actions, such as posting, commenting or voting, will not be possible without first registering. For the language, we won’t lie to each other, there is indeed a Reddit France page, but the rest of the site is entirely in English.

Concerning the subjects, there are some on almost everything, even the most improbable ones. What if there is no? All you have to do is register and launch it in the dedicated section.

Divided into SubRedits
The topics covered on the platform are classified into different categories called “SubReddit”. There are the classics, such as “videos”, “gif”, or “images”, but also the most unexpected. In “Accidental Wes Anderson”, for example, Internet users post photos of places that could have been in one of the director’s films.

In the SubReddit “aww”, you will find pictures of cute animals. To access its categories, three solutions. They are either at the top of the site, or in the SubReddit list (the “plus” tab at the top right), or you must know them and manually write them in the URL, like this:

Voting ranking
Internet users registered on the platform have the possibility to vote to move up or down a post on a page according to their interest. In this regard, the site recommends that users moderate or vote on the quality of a publication and not on their personal opinion. “A carefully written and well-documented article can be useful to the community, even if you disagree with its content,” says the site that outlines the rules of good conduct.

Rules to follow
Reddit is a community site, therefore participative, on which everyone can publish a post of their choice. Votes are there to guarantee the quality of publications, but certain rules must also be respected. For example, Internet users are asked to indicate their source, make sure that their post has not already been published, “really” read the posts before voting against them, avoid spelling mistakes or add an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) marker if a post contains violent or naked images.

In addition to the general conditions, each SubReddit has its own rules to avoid a mess. These are on the right-hand side of the page. On the “AskReddit” SubReddit, which includes questions from Internet users opening a discussion, it is forbidden, for example, to ask for professional advice or money and the questions must remain open. So we will find these kinds of questions: “In your opinion, which true story should be adapted to the cinema” or “Reddit’s single dads who raised a girl: when did you become the most outdated in her education and why?”

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