Reddit,what exactly is it?

Reddit in a few lines is….
A list of links that users will have “voted positively”. Think of it this way: Google is the place where you look for things; Reddit is the place where you look at what people have found.

Google is the place where you look for things; Reddit is the place where you look at what people have found.

List of links to press articles, viral videos, even some of the best ones. A warning however for Anglophones, the site is exclusively in English.
With a very simplistic design, Reddit will display a number on the left of the links. This number represents the number of “UPs” a link receives. As you can understand, the visibility of links is determined by users and not by publishers. Note, however, that the site reduces this number of “UP” after a certain time to allow other items to be visible.

When you first connect, you will have access to the most standard categories (called subreddits). And hold it for yourself, there is a subreddit for almost everything. From the subreddit only taking pictures of standing cats to the “moderately interesting” subreddit taking things that are, you know, moderately interesting.

Some Subreddits, who are interesting
Ask Me Anything (AMA): certainly one of the most famous subreddits. Here, great (or not) celebrities come to answer all the questions asked by Internet users. The rule is not to escape any questions. Even Barack Obama was killed, why not you?

TodayILearned (TIL): a subreddit where users share the discoveries they have made. Did you know, for example, that Mona Lisa’s painting only became famous after it was stolen in 1911?

ShowerThoughts: to share the thoughts you have in the shower. Don’t rely on the offbeat title, the subjects covered are sometimes very deep.

Another social network? 
Yeah, well, you know, Reddit’s older than Twitter. So it’s not just a pseudo Mark Zuckerberg who would have felt inspired by the film “The social network”. No, Reddit is much more than that, even if it was also developed by two geeks in their garages.

On the other hand, I tell you and “repeat”, reddit is a place where the visibility of links and subreddits depends on the users. And my office neighbour witnesses that sometimes users choose “special” content. When writing my article, I came across subreddits classified as “NSFW” which is the English acronym for “Not safe for work”, in other words, avoid clicking on these links or you risk falling into (very) gory or pornographic links.


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